File conversion between Y4M and Raw YUV format

It’s easy to convert between the two formats as long as you have a fairly recent release of MJPEGTools package installed. Here are the examples on Fedora 21:

  • Suppose we have a raw YUV file named BasketballDrill_832x480_50.yuv. This file is one of the HEVC test sequences in 4:2:0 planar format. The display aspect ratio (DAR) should be 16:9. Following is the command line to convert it to Y4M format:

    $cat BasketballDrill_832x480_50.yuv | yuv4mpeg -w 832 -h 480 -x 420mpeg2 -a 40:39 -i p -r 50:1 > BasketballDrill.y4m

    Note that we specify the pixel aspect ratio (PAR), rather than DAR, in the command line.

  • Once the Y4M file is created, we can use the following command line to view the file:

    $yuvplay < BasketballDrill.y4m

  • In the case that we need to strip a Y4M file down to a raw YUV file so we can feed it to an encoder that does not accept Y4M as input, we can use the following command line:

    $y4mtoyuv < BasketballDrill.y4m > BasketballDrill.yuv

For more information, refer to the man pages of the package.


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